Hand-made production and details

FAMLIGHT is a family company with over 20 years of experience and passion for glass. Our brand was created to combine the beauty of light and glass, finished with hand-pitted metal. Our motto is attention to details and individual approach to the client. We have a wide range of products, but we also manufacture lamps to order, adapted to the interior. All components are manufactured in Poland, which allows us to maintain product quality.

It is the details that matter, they crown the whole creating a beautiful, unique product made entirely by hand. We are pleased to present you the unique Handmade glass lamps in Poland.

As manufacturers we can offer the realization of individual projects, both large how a small investment. This gives the opportunity to perfectly match the lamps to the interior and the production of unique handicrafts.

In order to stand out from the competition, the Famlight brand relies on three very important pillars. They are our key to success, and we are building on them an increasing range and prestige of the FAMLIGHT brand.

High Product Quality

Famlight lamps are entirely produced in Poland. The raw materials used for production are imported only from European Union countries. All components of the product are handmade by our employees, which allows us to be flexible in terms of execution.


The only limit is our imagination.

Our company's staff consists of talented and creative employees who try to exceed customer expectations at every stage of production.

Not the interior for the lamp, but the lamp for the interior.

Endless possibilities allow us to follow this motto, and thus, limitless options for configuring lighting projects and implementing individual projects for small and large investments.

Consumer satisfaction

High product quality and flexibility is the recipe that is needed to gain the trust and satisfaction of customers.

There is nothing more satisfying for us than fully satisfied customer requirements.